Models TW40-D, TW40-E

Protection tube with flange

Tantalum cover or wetted parts special material

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    • Chemical industry, process technology, equipment manufacturing
    • For high chemical demands
    • For low and medium process loads

Special features

    • Good price/performance ratio
    • Wetted parts made of special material
    • Non-wetted parts (flange, connection components) from stainless steel
    • Version TW40-D: Thermowell welded to one unit
      Version TW40-E: Tantalum cover exchangeable


Each thermowell is an important component of any temperature measuring location. It is used to separate the process from the surrounding area, thus protecting the environment and operating personnel and keeps aggressive media, high pressures and flow rates from the temperature probe itself and thereby enables the thermometer to be exchanged during operation.

Based on the almost limitless application possibilities, there are a large number of variants, such as thermowell designs or materials. The type of process connection and the basic method of manufacture are important design differentiation criteria. A basic differentiation can be made between threaded and weld-in thermowells, and those with flange connections.

Furthermore, one can differentiate between fabricated and solid-machined thermowells. Fabricated thermowells are constructed from a tube, that is closed at the tip by a welded solid tip. Solid-machined thermowells are manufactured from bar stock.

The TW40 series of fabricated thermowells with flange connection are suitable for use with numerous electrical and mechanical thermometers from WIKA.

Due to their special design on the basis of DIN 43772, these thermowells, through their use of highly corrosionresistant materials, are suitable for use for low and medium mechanical process-side loading in the chemical industry, process technology and equipment manufacturing.

Thermowell with washer disc for Special material, model TW40-D

Thermowell with washer disc for Special material, model TW40-D

  • Thermowell with washer disc for Special material, model TW40-DThermowell with tantalum cover, model TW40-E
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